The Social Energy Revolution

Delivering up to 70% Cheaper Electricity for Your Home*
The Solar People are Independent Installers of Social Energy Approved Products

Green Electricity up to
70% Cheaper

We connect our customers to approved energy storage products and trade this energy through The Social Energy artificial intelligent software and utility. This means we can pass the savings and earnings back to our customers, resulting in an electricity bill that’s up to 70% cheaper*. If solar panels are present then even better.

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A Utility Company Like No Other

The Social Energy Network isn’t made up of big expensive power stations. Instead, it’s made up of our customers, their solar and their energy storage batteries – all wirelessly linked, creating a power station in the sky.

Working with the Leading Energy Storage Manufacturers

Social Energy are the first Home Energy Trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.
Our customers ask for the latest battery technology. The Social Energy Hub makes these batteries the “smartest in the room”.

Putting the Power Back into Your Hands

A fully open and transparent on line portal provide the customers with instant access to the system performance. See your trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly.

The Platform

Big Data on Every Device

  • 600 Million Data Points per year
  • 100 Thousand Energy Trades
  • up to 70% Saving on Electric
  • 95% AI Trade Prediction Accuracy

Visible any time, anywhere

The Benefit to You

Average Saving

co2 Saving

Electricity Saving
(up to)


How it Works

01 Generate Solar

Generate electricity from your solar panels during daylight hours.

02 Use Energy Directly

Use solar energy directly in the home, satisfying load on demand.

03 Store Surplus Solar

Once the electrical demand is satisfied store the surplus energy for later use or grid trading.

04 Charge Batteries from Grid

Supplement stored solar energy with off peak cheap energy from the grid.

05 Use or Trade Stored Energy

You can use the energy you have stored when solar generation is low or grid trade the energy.

06 Monitor & Control

You can monitor the system production via Cloud based app on any smart device.

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